What is a setup?

  • The process of fine tuning the guitars overall action of the bridge, and/or nut, and neck.
  • Ideally a player wants their strings as low as possible.  For an expert, this is easily done on an electric, however an acoustic requires a bit more finess, requiring a saddle shave or reshape, or even a replacement

A setup would be required if any of the following occur while playing:

  • if some of the notes buzz or don’t play at all
  • open strings buzzing
  • buzzing frets
  • two notes an octave apart on the same string are out of tune
  • if the bridge saddle(s) are not functioning (inoperable)
  • acoustic bridge needs regluing
  • the strings are too high off of the fretboard


Benefits of Getting Your Guitar Setup

A qualified guitar repair person can help you with a few things:

  • Spot early warning signs of humidity problems or damage
  • Give advice for storing or caring for the instrument
  • Ensure the instrument is reliable so it doesn’t crap out on you when you need it most
  • Fix problems with the neck being warped
  • Make the instrument easier to play by lowering the action
  • Smooth or “level” the frets if there are any problems
  • Make your guitar feel better and sound better to play


Keep your guitar in good shape, and you’ll be rewarded. Learning guitar is hard enough. The last thing you need to deal with is a guitar that is difficult to play because it’s not set up well.